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Founded 1965
Founders Dr. Robert Cade, Dr. Dana Shires, Dr. H. James Free, Dr. Alejandro de Quesada
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Main Product(s) Sports drink
Slogan "Is it In you?"
Manufacturer Pepsi Co.

Gatorade is a non-carbonated sports drink that restores needed electrolytes, carbohydrates and fluid to prevent dehydration and allow for optimal output when engaged in physical activity.



In the summer of 1965, the University of Florida assistant football coach asked the university physicians if they could determine why the athletes were greatly affected by heat and heat related illnesses. Dr. Robert Cade, Dr. Dana Shires, Dr. H. James Free and Dr. Alejandro de Quesada discovered that it was due to the loss of a large amount of electrolytes and carbohydrates that weren't being replenished as they are not present in water. This lead the researchers to formulate a drink that were able to provide the athletes with these necessary nutrients and with that Gatorade was formulated.

After completion, the drink was able to bring the University of Florida Gators to their first ever win at the Orange Bowl in school history. After this win schools from around the US began ordering large amounts of Gatorade for their athletes and with this Gatorade became the official drink for several sports teams and organizations.[1]

Gatorade is currently owned and manufactured by Pepsi.



The slogan used by Gatorade is Is It In You. However, since the recent rebranding that occurred in early 2009 a new slogan has been present in the new commercial That's G.

Gatorade 2009 Rebranding


For the past 44 years since Gatorade was invented the product has evolved and with consumer need. [2]

Current Products:

  • G2
  • Elite
  • Be Tough
  • Shine On
  • No Excuses
  • Focus
  • Bring It
  • Jordan Series
  • Gatorade G
  • Propel
  • Power Bar
  • Clif Bar

Former Product:

  • Gator Gum

Each Gatorade product is unique, as it contains a specific blend of vitamins and electrolytes that is only found in that particular product. G2 is a low calorie version of the original Gatorade and contains added B, C and E vitamins. Elite contains four separate drinks, each to be taken at a different time during a workout. The Before Activity drink which you consume prior to exercising to provide the body with the necessary carbohydrates. The During Activity drink restores the electrolytes that the body is losing through sweat. The After Activity drink is a protein shake that contains carbohydrates and proteins to help the body recover after maximum output. The All Day Activity drink is a nutrition shake to provide the body with a daily source of nutrients. Focus is a product that was designed by Tiger Woods and contains 25% more electrolytes than original Gatorade and also added Vitamin E. Bring It provides the body with vitamins B3, B5 and B6 which helps the body metabolize energy. Gatorade G is the original formula for Gatorade and provides the body with carbohydrates, sodium and other necessary electrolytes. Be Tough contains vitamin E that helps to optimize hydration and protect the body. Shine On contains additional vitamin C to give the body an additional boost to begin a workout. No Excuses contains a similar formula as Gatorade G with a lighter taste. The Jordan Series formula is also similar Gatorade G but is dedicated to Michael Jordan the renowned basketball player.

Propel is a vitamin enriched water that has been artificially sweetened. It is similar to Gatorade as it contains electrolytes but it does not possess as much vitamins that Gatorade does. Power Bar and Clif Bar are snack bars that provide the body with a high intake of carbohydrates to provide energy for a strenuous workout.

Product Timeline

1965 - Gatorade was created

1967 - Gators credit their win over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets to Gatorade, causing it to become an instant phenomenon

2001 - Gatorade In-Drinking System (GIDS) is introduced

2006 - The Rain line of Gatorade is released.

2007 - G2 is released.

2008 - Gatorade Tiger is released.

2009 - Gatorade rebrands their products

      • Original Gatorade becomes Gatorade G
      • Gatorade Rain becomes No Excuses
      • Gatorade AM becomes Shine On
      • Gatorade X-Factor becomes Be Tough
      • Gatorade Fierce becomes Bring It
      • Gatorade Tiger becomes Focus


Brand Ambassadors

There are currently over 20 athletes that endorse Gatorade: [3]

Usain Bolt - The World's Fastest Man

The listed athletes are involved in sports like tennis, basketball, golf, football, soccer, snowboarding and track and field. These ambassadors are suitable to endorse Gatorade because they represent what the idea that Gatorade creates. They are the top athletes in their area of sports, Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world, and in a sense let consumers think that in partaking in an activity that a top athlete does will help their chances of improving in their respective area of sport.

Gatorade is also the official drink of several pro and collegiate sport organizations including:


For several years, whenever an individual thought of Gatorade the image of athletes usually playing sports including football and soccer sweating the various colors of the Gatorade would come to mind. It is these advertisements that allowed the individual to see the properties of Gatorade in action and how it is an integral part of the athlete.

This is a commercial before Gatorade was rebranded:

"Gatorade Fierce"

In 2009, Gatorade under went a large rebranding of all their products that included changing the appearance of the bottles, replacing the word Gatorade with a large 'G' and shrinking the size of their signature lightning bolt. The rebranding also included changing the names of all the drinks. The main reason for this rebranding was a slump in sales profits in the US that began in 2008. However this new advertising technique that they have employed appears to behaving more negative affects on the profits due to miscommunication occurring between the consumer and the product. Consumers have stated that they are confused by the rebranding and do not understand the purpose of the 'G' that is now present on the bottles. A common questions that consumers are asking include "What is 'G'?" and "Where is the lightning bolt?". This error in advertising has caused sales volume to slip by 17%. [5]

These are the most recent Gatorade G commercials:

"Lock It Up"

"Pump It Up"

Three years ago, Gatorade sales were so robust that it was struggling to meet the demand. However now due to other products that claim to offer the same benefits and the error in advertising the sales profits have dropped quite considerably.

In 2007, Gatorade spent $175,405,0000 on advertising. This however is a decrease from in 2006 when they spent $182,994,000. [6]

Target Audience

Initially Gatorade was manufactured for athletes and individuals engaged in strenuous physical activity. As the years progressed however Gatorade began to be the choice of drink on hot summer days due to its hydrating qualities and became another hydrating drink for any individual. Now Gatorade is a drink that is for all to enjoy whether or not you are currently involved in physical activity or not.


There are currently several other drinks on the market that offer similar benefits that one gets when they consume Gatorade. Gatorade's most notable competitor is Powerade that is currently manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company followed by Lucozade. Other competition against Gatorade include SOBE lifewater and Propel both products that are also manufactured by Pepsi Co.


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